PFA lined ball valves are ideally suited for corrosive applications, requiring reliable performance, tight shut-off, constant torque and no maintenance. The valves successfully handle a multitude of corrosive applications in industries such as chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, foundries and mining and like sulphuric acid, etc.

Some of the special features of our valves are Bubble tight shut-off, precision machined ball and seats guarantees an absolute leak-free valve, Full bore offers high CV value equal to the pipe, Constant torque: the unique two-piece body construction together with the spring loaded seats guarantee a constant torque even after months of operation, The self adjusting packing is maintenance free and provides a leak free stem seal. The hand lever features a positive locked position in the open and closed position.


FEP lined Plug valve

Our FEP/PFA lined plug valve series is designed and developed with latest technology. These valves are very suitable for chemical process industries. FEP/PFA lined plug valves provide maximum corrosion resistance and the elimination of product contamination at reasonable costs.

PFA body liner is well anchored against the body by mean of machined and casted ‘T’ slots and the solid encapsulated/solid PFA plug liner material insure a strong adhesion This makes our valve series so suitable for extreme service and vacuum conditions.


PTFE/PFA lined butterfly valves series are maintenance free thanks to its stem seal design to ensure bubble tight shut off for a long service life. These valves are designed to meet the demands of application and markets with extreme operating conditions. Our thin disc design provides maximum obstruction of flow, resulting in smooth flow characteristics.


Our specially designed PFA lined flush bottom valves with PFA lined stem insures long life during continuous operations, Valve design takes care not to hold any residue once it is closed.

Temperature range from -10°C to +180°C & operating pressures from -1 to +6bar. The valve seat, made of glass fiber reinforced PTFE, is placed inside the nozzle of the vessel. Discharge takes place between spindle and valve seat, therefore obstruction of nozzle will be avoided. Rising spindle; on-rising hand wheel, Sealing by PTFE bellow with additional safety packing.



Our standard PFA lined Diaphragm range is Ideal for throttling and flow control requirements. Diaphragm Valves combine accurate throttling of flow with positive shut-off. The streamlined flow passage creates minimum pressure drop, and the compressor is carefully matched to wier contour to exert uniform pressure on the diaphragm, increasing diaphragm life. Also, these self draining valves have no crevice where particles can be collected, that means cleaner operation. All of the valve’s operating parts are completely isolated from the process stream. 

Our Diaphragm Valves were specifically designed to keep hazardous or corrosive fluids contained. The fluid being handled is completely sealed off from the outside environment by a thick, inert floropolymer liner and the diaphragm. Since there is no stem in the fluid stream, stem leakage problems are eliminated.


It provide clear inspection of fluid characteristics of severly corrosive liquied from either side.



Double Window Sight Glass

Sight Glass (Sight Flow Indicator) is design to meet an industrial requirement of various applications to inspect the process fluid. In Double Window Sight Glass (Sight Flow Indicator) Contains Two Toughened Glasses Mounted opposite to each other.

Sight Flow Indicators are generally used in processes, where spot required to detect presence of media, or to visual inspect color, clarity, turbidity, or other critical characteristics.

Sight Glass can be installed vertically or horizontally in the middle of any kind of non transparent pipeline and are very convenient & easy to observe the flow from any direction