We manufacture a  wide range of the pipe including  CS PTFE lined pipes from 25NB to 300 Dia. The maximum length of the PTFE Lined pipes can be up to maximum 3000 mm depending on the size of pipe.

  • We have  modern facility for fabrication, extrusion lining and flaring for manufacturing of CS PTFE Lined pipes

  • Our flanges conform to  standard ASTM A 105/IS 2062
  • Our CS Lined pipe are tested as per ASTM F 1545 which include hydro test and spark test
  • The PTFE liner is made with highly efficient ram extrusion tube. Special processing technology is used to tighten the steel pipe. With good anticorrosion facility it can transport corrosive gas/ liquid under high temperature which is not possible  by other types of pipes.  PTFE Liner are tested for Tensile strength in tensile testing machine.

We offer a wide variety of PTFE lined elbows. All PTFE lined elbows are lined with paste extruded PTFE liners flared each end over the flange faces similar to our pipe spools.

We offer a wide variety of PTFE lined elbows with angles 30°,45°,60°, 90° and also available other angles as per requirement. All elbows are supplied always with a fix flanges but loose flanges are supplied on request only.


OUTER BODY  :  ASTM A 234 SCH-40/SS 304/SS316

FLANGE         :  ASTM A 105/ IS 2062

LINING          :  PTFE/PFA



Spacers are used where we cannot weld 2 stub ends, we manufacture steel from a solid billet machined to the correct length and then lined with PTFE extruded tube flared each end.

For lengths which are just a little too short to be a pipe spool we offer PTFE lined pipe with welded stub ends, this is effectively a pipe spool without flanges being manufactured from lined steel pipe with 2 off welded stub ends as used on a pipe spool with PTFE paste extruded liner flared each end. Solid PTFE or Lined spacers are available for connecting flanges at short distance

SIZE              : 25 NB To 300 NB

OUTER BODY   :  ASTM A 106 GR B FLANGES ASTM 105/IS 2062 (Temperature )

FALNGE          :  ASTM A 105/ IS 2062

LINING           :   PTFE/PFA/FEP


Fixed flanges are used as a standard. Fixed and Loose flange connections are also available as per requirement. CROSS is generally available in Equal and Unequal shape

Instrument Tees to be used for temperature, pressure indicators And/or for samplings. The bodies are welded steel. (Cast iron on request)

OUTER BODY :   ASTM A 395 GR 60-40-18

FALNGE         :   ANSI  B.16.5

LINING          :   PFA/FEP

FEP/PFA lined reducing flanges
Reducers are mainly two types, concentric reducers & Eccentric reducers. Our standard reducers,  generally cast steel, are with PTFE/FEP lining with flanged end connections.

Our standard reducers insure free flow of fluids for horizontal and vertical lines equally.


FEP/PFA lined reducing flanges can be grouped into different types, the configuration is based on the closeness of the small bore bolt holes to the large bore bolt holes. Each type is designed so that they do not clash and that the nuts can be fitted successfully.

OUTER BODY :  ASTM A 395 GR 60-40-18

FALNGE           :  ANSI  B.16.5

LINING            :   PFA/FEP




This indicators facilitate clear inspection of fluid characteristics of Highly corrosive substances from either side.


Double Window Sight Glass

Sight Glass (Sight Flow Indicator) is designed to meet all the industrial requirement of various applications to inspect the process fluid. In Double Window Sight Glass (Sight Flow Indicator) Two Toughened Glasses are Mounted opposite to each other.

Sight Flow Indicators are generally used in processes, where the requirement is to detect presence of media, or to visually  inspect color, clarity, turbidity, or other critical characteristics.

Sight Glass can be installed vertically or horizontally in the middle of any kind of non transparent pipeline and are very convenient & easy to use observe the flow from any direction


Bellows are used extensively in the process industry the typical applications include expansion and ant vibration joints connections having a high level of misalignment or in a congested space as a substitute for multi fitting configurations as a one piece coupling system the ptfe bellows are made by forming internal and external grooves by cutting alternatively into the bore and external surfaces or a PTFE cylinder.

 Due to its very high chemical resistance, the PTFE bellows are used with a with a wide range of vessel and piping materials such as glass lined carbon steel and composite flexible materials. These bellows can be used for high temperature processes also.

 PTFE Line Bellows for Connecting Glass to Glass & Glass to Other Material

PTFE Vacuum Bellows for Connecting Glass to Glass & Glass to Other Material

Bellows For Loose Flanges

PTFE “ O” ring

Valves Bellows for Line valve, Flush bottom valve

PTFE Nozzle liners / Solid PTFE bush for GLR nozzles

PTFE Envelope Gasket with SS Ring

Our PTFE lined steel dip pipes and spargers are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. All units are given extreme stress tests to validate their integrity and ensure long life.

A broad range of options are available to meet your process requirements. These include diverters (to direct/gas flow away or towards vessel walls), Extended flares (to eliminate additional reducing flanges), spargers, Anti-Siphon Holes etc.


  • Resistance to almost all Chemicals, Temperature Resistance upto 200 Degree C, Fit to all Dimension Dip Pipes, 
  • Operates Silently with no Vibrations, Generates Fine & Uniform Bubbles
  • Excellent agitation & high mixing
  • Designed for specific Flow Rates
  • Available for 25 NB to 100 NB Dip Pipes.